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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. On this page you can learn almost everything you need to know about how to use 3chan and more.

What is 3chan?

3chan is a mostly anonymous image-based forum also known as an (imageboard) with a major focus on free speech and light moderation.

3chan was founded for a couple reasons with the most prominent reasons being:

  • Hiroyuki doesn't seem to care about 4chan at all and is just shilling ads and is probably selling your information like he did on 2ch. (Who didn't see that one coming)
  • 8chan is probably still selling your information as well, idk how anyone could trust jim.
  • The fact that there needs to be more quality alt chans.

  • How do I make a thread?

    I've seen that some people who have never used an imageboard before have struggled to understand its simplicity so thats why I've decided to add this.

    At the top of the page is the post form, all you need to fill out to be able to post a thread is the comment and file field everything else is optional.

    An important thing to remember when creating a thread is to make sure your not replying to an existing thread.

    To check look at the top of the post form, if it has a orange bar with white text saying "Posting mode: Reply" then your replying to an existing thread. You should probably press the [Return] or [Catalog] button on the bottom & top left side if thats the case.

    How do I reply to a thread?

    I've seen that some people who have never used an imageboard before have struggled to understand its simplicity so thats why I've decided to add this.

    Scroll down to the thread you want to reply to and then press to [Reply] button, this will open the thread.

    Once the thread is open you can view all the replies and make your own reply by filling out the comment field with your message, the comment field is the only thing that is required to reply everything else is optional.

    How do I quote and reply?

    (This is the same for making threads)

    You can quote a post by typing (">") and what you want to quote, example: >This is a quote

    You can reply to a specific post by putting two arrows and the post number, example: >>12345

    You can also reply to posts from different boards by putting three arrows the board directory and the post number, example: >>>/in/12345 Feature pending


    What is a tripcode?

    There is no account registration on 3chan so if you don't want people impersonating you should use a tripcode.

    To use a tripcode just put a # next to your name in the name field. Example: ("User#randompassword") The outcome would look like this. User!xdD43xY93U

    If you put two hashtags "##" this will generate a secure tripcode. User!!xyFSC3v7gyv. (Please note that secure tripcodes are site specific and won't look the same on other sites)


    You can test the outcome of your tripcode here.

    What is sage and nonoko?

    Sage is a way of replying to a thread without bumping it to the top of the page.

    Nonoko returns you to the board index instead of the thread you replied to.

    You can sage a thread by typing "sage" without the quotation marks into the E-mail field.

    You can use nonoko and sage at the same time by typing "nonokosage" without the quotation marks into the E-mail field.


    How do I use BBcode?

    Here is a comprehensive list of all the bbcodes and markdowns you can use on 3chan.

    [b]Bold Text[/b] or **Bold Text**Bold Text
    [i]Italic Text[/i] or ''Italic Text''Italic Text
    [u]Underlined Text[/u] or __Underlined Text__Underlined Text
    [s]Striked-out Text[/s] or ~~Striked-out Text~~Striked-out Text
    [spoiler]spoiler text[/spoiler] or %%spoiler text%%Used for hiding spoiler text.
    [color=#FF0000]Custom colored text[/color]Custom colored text
    Big ==Red Text==Big Red Text
    [cow]Cow Text[/cow] Cow Text
    (((them)))To call (((them))) out.
    [flash]This text will flash.[/flash] This text will flash.
    [rainbow]This text will flash rainbows.[/rainbow] This text will flash rainbows.
    [color=#FF0000][b][flash]You can also combine tags.[/flash][/b][/color] You can also combine tags.
    [youtube]video id (not the full url)[/youtube]Creates an embedded YouTube video.
    [nico]video id (not the full url)[/nico]Creates an embedded Nico Nico video.

    How do I check my fortune?

    You can check your fortune by entering "fortune" without quotation marks into the e-mail field.

    How do I roll the dice?

    You can roll the dice by entering a combination like this "dice+2d6" without quotation marks into the e-mail field.

    Who is ID: Heaven?

    This ID is given to users who sage a thread and also staff members who use a capcode.

    WTF is /z/?

    /z/ is a board run by selected users, those users decide the topic and rules of the board.

    Users can get chosen two ways:

    1. Get the most votes in a poll.

    2. Get chosen by one of the admin or moderators.

    Why doesn't the site use captchas?

    I have decided against using any captcha systems on 3chan for one simple reason.

    They only stop a few bots and end up annoying actual users.

    Do you have a privacy policy?


    Click here to view it.

    Yes, and donations are very appreciated. You can donate anonymously to our bitcoin address below.


    If you don't know how to get bitcoins there are many sites that exchange real money for bitcoins and visa versa, you can also mine bitcoins with your own computer but it does take a while.

    What is a capcode?

    A capcode is like a tripcode that only members of our moderation team can use.

    An admin capcode would look like this: ## Admin Admin Icon

    A developer capcode would look like this: ## Developer Dev Icon

    A manager capcode would look like this: ## Manager Manager Icon

    A moderator capcode would look like this: ## Mod Mod Icon

    Janitors only have a capcode on the super secret moderation board.

    How do I know if I am banned?

    If you're banned you will be automatically redirected to the ban page when you try to post.

    If you want to manually check if your banned go to https://3chan.co/banned.

    Range bans?

    If you got an error saying "Posting from your ISP, IP range, or country has been blocked due to abuse." when trying to post then congratulations your ip range has been blocked from posting!

    We rarely issue range bans to legitiment posters, range bans were added to combat automated bot spam because fuck captchas.

    If you would like to appeal your range ban please contact us with your ip included.

    How do I get unbanned?

    Please refer to this.

    Please do not contact us if your ban is 3 or 4 days long.

    We now have an embedded appeal system on the ban page.

    So if your ban is longer than 3 days you'll be able to appeal it.

    What is the blotter?

    The blotter is a bunch of short updates about the site that weren't worth making a news post about.

    You can find the blotter on the homepage and also below the post form.

    What software does 3chan run on?

    3chan runs on a highly modified version of futallaby. It is currently named Mitsuba (Three leaf).

    The source code will be released in time when it is deemed good enough for public distribution.

    How do I contact you?

    You can contact us by e-mailing <admin at 3chan dot co>, only e-mail us if you don't want to make a public thread on /3/.

    You can post a thread on the Site Discussion board.

    Or tweet @3chandotco