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old vep

low quality touhou shitposts



random periods of complete silence, lasting for days at a time

servers were randomly down for hours at a time

hess shitposts





>no 9chan




>reite doesnt make edits anymore

>magi is die

SEPTEMBER - Foundation

29th • VEP IS FOUNDED, its primary purpose is to serve as a coordinate sharing channel for the MC Server

30th • Magi joins vep

[META] • Indexing vep history can be very difficult for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that 1) Every account has been disabled or deleted at least once, you cannot index the posts of deleted users on discord.
2) Multiple servers that vep has inhabited are now deleted, making impossible to access their contents at all. Exact dates and history are blurry until 10/29/19.

OCTOBER - Rise of 9chan

4th • hexxit server is accidentally wiped by kuz during move to new apartment. map file is recovered with minor corruption.

7th • First contact with 'lost', an akayomi agent.

11th • /98/ is renamed to 98chan, named after the subcategory of boards on 9chan

26th • the famous server where vep was founded, where 98 was hosted, and where many oldfags met, is deleted by discord.

29th • Kuz rebuilds 9chan and it grows to 400 users within 2 days.

30th • Reite posts picture of his desk, his hand can be seen in the reflection of a glass. First confirmation of his race, he is """"white"""" (historians argue he is asian due to his hungarian nationality)

31st • 9chan reaches 600 users, 23,000 daily posts.

[META] • October is sometimes regarded as veps golden age.


1st • Literally nothing happens, no messages are sent, widely regarded as the quietest day in vep history

2nd • kuz and reite argue over the future of 9chan, kuz removes reites administrator privaleges and adds ban immunity to 11 different controversial 9chan users

3rd • reite reveals his real name, "gyorgy" [citation needed]

4th • Reite is invited to a group chat where he intently watches a fat 14 year old australian kid jerk off, also known as hex's group chats

5th • kuz and reite argue over whether hex should be allowed to stay in 9chan despite her being underage. reite also gets fed up with funposting and says he will not come back till a funposting channel is created to divert the flow.

6th • kuz creates /s9s/, a funposting channel, in addition, >>fortune is added. (later renamed to #fortune). This allows users to check their fortune.

10th • reite convinces kuz to buy rust. at this date, reite also changes his name from "Re0l" to his better known name, "reite".

11th • after 2 days of non-stop rust, users of 9chan begin to get angry over the lack of proper moderation. in respond, 4 moderators are added and "janitors" are introduced. this descision was extremely unpopular.

12th • Voice Anonymity is broken between reite and kuz

13th • Kuz demods 3 of the 4 new moderators. janitors are nerfed heavily.

14th • MC server goes offline due to lack of use. 9chan gets raided by 64chan, raid lasts for 2+ hours because the moderators were asleep. (literally).

15th • the first "KUZ PEDO!!!" posts start arriving, /bant/, /b/, and /q/ are flooded with pedo accusations at all of veps members, including reite and magi. Reite stops calling kuz, "cory".
a partial nether road is built by reite in the mc server, magi loses his account again and lyxomh is added to vep.

16th • 9chan is raided by gang gang, famous "Would you drink her?" post is made

17th • magi spams guro and child porn in 9chan, account is deleted. Kuz also loses account, new one is made.

18th • reite proclaims that he is into, "uniqueness". full quote: "lets say a lolis head is getting smashed into something while a dude is fucking her from behind so much her face more or less comes off like that MK10 fatility"
Magi gives speech about pathways. 9chan is raided again.

20th • Kuz is contacted by a danish news organization about 9chan. [picture]

21st • 9chan mod releases a chart detailing the political views of prominent 9chan users. [picture]

22nd • Reite convinces hex to change her username to "mechagonalpeach" and her pfp to a edited version of hers, with the techpriest photoshopped onto it. (This is a re-occuring theme amongst reite)

27th • Rust base is raided. vep is also renamed to "veep" as a way of making fun of reites retarded pronounciation of "vip".

28th • mock 9chan site is made, 98chan.co - later flooded by 9chan users and taken down temporarily.

29th • token for the 9chan moderation bot is accidentally leaked by one of the developers, chaos ensues.


1st • 9chan is raided while kuz is asleep, reite accidentally bans the wrong person and then forgets how2mod. Magi changes name to blaezen, lyxomh is booted off of vep due to faggotry

2nd • Reite goes to the dentist and gets his "teef" worked on.

3rd • monika, a aka shill, makes contact.

4th • reite makes the infamous techhess